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Education and Tutoring:

Education and Tutoring

The Education industry is crucial as it contributes to the workforce abilities of all other industries. The latest technology advances are helping this industry and its ancillary services like tutoring to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of education. Eos understands the importance of this domain and has worked for 5+ years in this domain to build indepth expertise. We combine this expertise with our knowledge in the latest technologies to provide solutions that help educational institutes to meet their IT initiatives.

Why Us?
  1. Using the hands on experience with the organizations in this domain, Eos can better understand the unique dynamics, opportunities and challenges of your business and can help you overcome the challenges. The following are some of our area of expertise :
    • Student management systems Student leads, Students database, Potential tutorship and follow up status
    • Tutorship system Tutors database, rate, commission and referral system
    • Automated billing system Billing, Invoicing, Outstanding report
    • Test Result Analysis system (OMR integration) Result generation, score scaling and analysis of the SAT and ACT exams
    • Online collaborative learning Platform for collaborative and interactive creation of flashcards and quiz.
  2. We have expertise in delivering end to end software development and testing services in this domain.

Financial Services :

Financial Services

Financial Services are economic services provided by the finance industry spanning across banking, securities, insurance and investment management. This money management domain requires a lot of experience, expertise as well as precision. Eos has consistently worked on understanding the nuances of this domain to cater to the IT needs of large financial services organizations.

Why Us?
  • Ongoing working relationship with Xpress Money(http://www.xpressmoney.com), one of the world largest instant money transfer service to develop state of the art technology that is simple, fast and safe.
  • Domain competency with the required integrated technology expertise in financial Systems Pricing, Compliance, Underwriting.
  • Significant capabilities in development, enhancement and maintenance of Risk analysis and management solutions
  • Proven expertise in Optimization and Business Rules Engine Systems Backed by strong experience in leading Rule Engine Technologies like ILOG JRules, JBoss Rules (Drools).

Large Scale Internet Platforms :

Large Scale Internet Platforms

Large Scale Internet Platforms are characterised by highly scalable and available consumer facing RIA web systems(Multi million users support). In addition, these systems have a massive data handling capacity. Eos has ability to support this as we have built a highly experienced technical team well versed in understanding the challenges of this domain.

Why Us?
  • Proven experience in the overall system architecture, scalability, reliability, manageability and performance of large scale internet services
  • Ongoing engagement with Ranker(www.ranker.com). Ranker has more than 1 Million monthly unique visitors; 40 Million monthly page views.
  • We have implemented massive data import and massaging routines for the data from Freebase database.
  • Big Data Expertise in handling large scale complex databases For ex: Freebase.

High Tech and New Media :

High Tech and New Media

Businesses in this domain face fierce competition, continuous product innovation and erratic customer behavior. Eos has the ability to meet these challenges and also provide swift response to the market demands. We do this by having hands on experience in this domain for 5+ years. We are well versed with the latest disruptive technologies and help the customers in making the right technology decisions.

The meteoric rise of internet connected devices and adoption of social networks has led to the rise of new media. Eos is proficient is implementing solutions in this domain that require multiple delivery channels and disparity in platform operating systems, catering for ever changing devices, and working on continuous technology enhancements.

Why Us?
  • Proven experience in building Ecommerce and Elearning solutions.
  • Technology partner to the corporates as well as startups in the new media domain. We work on incorporating new media like mobile enablement in your existing systems and solutions to provide the maximum benefit
  • Our expertise in social media integration, from the very first Facebook API, to FConnect, to Twitter, to OAuth and third party systems
  • Our strong service offering in building Interactive Social Gaming, especially on Facebook, in the areas of consumer entertainment and as part of branding and new product launches.