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Veritas Veritas, NewYork, US www.veritastutors.com
Eos is working on a long term series of projects with Veritas Tutors
a. "Student Management System" to efficiently organize and manage their interaction with customers, students and tutors. In addition, an automated billing system to will further optimize the billing process making it easier to manage and scale to a larger number of customers.
b. An online social vocabulary learning game which will forever change the way new words are learnt. Education / Social Media / eLearning / Tutoring / RoR / Ajax
Ranker Ranker, Los Angeles, US www.ranker.com
Massive data import and massaging from freebase;
Ranker, a Quantcast Top 500 (Top 100 for mobile web) site that gets over 70 million monthly page views, is the place to find and participate in crowd sourced rankings of everything - from the best looking celebrities to the tastiest gluten-free crackers. Large Scale Internet Platforms / Big Data / Social Media / JAVA / J2EE / Ajax / Triple Store / Freebase / RDF/ Selenium
myparichay MyParichay, Bengaluru, India www.myparichay.in
MyParichay is a game changing social recruitment platform. Job seekers can search among millions of jobs and instantly get referred. It does so by leveraging the power of technology combined with the never seen before social mechanics of Facebook. We have been collaborating with MyParichay to build their social integration platform, assessments engine and various third party integration. High tech and New media/Social Media/ Facebook API
20th Century Fox FoxConnect, Los Angeles, US www.foxconnect.com
Eos along with Qubax, US is working on the above eCommerce portal for the users to purchase movies online. Our engagement will be to further build this portal with many new features like 'Responsive Design'. eCommerce / Magento / PHP
kelloggs Kelloggs, Edinburgh, UK www.kfoodservice.co.uk
Kellogg's Food service system - Advanced content management solution using OpenCMS, AJAX, J2EE. Implemented with advanced features like DirectEdit, customized editors etc. Large Scale Internet Platforms / Big Data / Ajax / Open CMS / J2EE
Xpress Money Xpress Money, UAE www.xpressmoney.com
Eos is now working with XpressMoney, UAE and UK, world's #2 money transfer company. We are working on a series of projects integrating their online systems with their backend processes, including rate calculator, agent finder, etc. eCommerce / Financial Systems / High Tech and New Media / J2EE
FunnelBrain FunnelBrain, Los Angeles, US www.funnelbrain.com
Web2.0 - Online collaborative learning -friends, groups, online chat, with various privacy settings. Platform for collaborative & interactive creation of flashcards and quiz.
Cloud computing -S3 integration and CDN, SaaS integration with ON2 video publishing. PHP & MySQL stack and various third-party integration - Meebo, VideoPublishing, etc. Education / eLearning / Tutoring / Cloud Computing / PHP /S3
Analytemedia Analytemedia, Chicago, US www.analytehealth.com, www.stdtestexpress.com
Robust Python/Django platform to launch multiple lead generation web applications
Fast growing traffic, exceeding 1M views per month.
Various third-party integration - medical centers, automated fax (eFax) Cloud Computing / Django / AJAX / J2EE / JAVA
Bintro Bintro, New York, US
B2B SemanticWeb project, Web3.0 business networking website;
Java / J2EE platform; Intelligent Matching algorithms, Semantic Technologies. High Tech and New Media / Semantic Tech/ Web 3.0/ AJAX / JAVA / J2EE
dsstudio Determined Studio, Orange, US
Facebook social gaming application, the application targets sports enthusiasts in the US, specifically baseball fans. The game ties into the real world baseball games allow user to be fan of a team and compete with other fans to gain points. The game includes various social aspects to choose your friends as players, trivia, showdown, practice, play, etc. Implemented in Java/J2EE stack, using cloud strategy for scalability. Social Gaming / Cloud Computing / JAVA / J2EE / Facebook API
Goofy Determined Studio, Goofy Converter, Orange, US
A fun iPhone application, allows users to convert input values from various standard US units to 'Goofy' units. Mobile / iOS
Xpress Money xPress Money iPhone App, UAE www.xpressmoney.com
Eos is now working with XpressMoney, UAE and UK, world's #2 money transfer company. We are working to build the XpressMoney mobile applications for transaction tracking on iPhone. Financial Systems / Mobile / iOS