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Eos Software Development Methodology

The right software development approach is the difference between success and failure of a IT Project. We have hands on expertise on various software methodologies, Incremental, RAD, Lean Development, Extreme / Agile development and Scrum.

Its a proven fact that one software delivery approach doesn't fit all. At Eos, our thought process is driven based on Object oriented approach and Componentized development. Every part of the development process is driven based on this, whether it is at the design, coding, enhancements or fixing defects. Emphasizing on ease of communication and simplicity is a must and comes naturally to our team with extensive experience in this approach. We emphasize strongly on writing testable code, making implementation and evolving of unit tests part of the development process.

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the proven industry methodologies and processes.

Agile methodology:

Our team has many successful implementations using Agile methodology, clearly our belief in Agile comes with experience in successful delivery and the value add of significantly minimizing risks. We drive our projects with a high degree of collaboration and communication, this allows the project team including the customer to have complete visibility on the project. With short release cycles of working application and continuous client feedback, the process evolves quickly to meet the project needs.

Rational Unified Process:

Rational Unified Process is a proven industry standard and evolved iterative process, following a standard methodology allows clear communication with industry standard artifacts across teams in various geographies. We provide the expertise to define the process for Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition, to the project needs. The process suits well with our approach and expertise to build systems using Object Oriented and Component based approach.

With our expertise and continuous learning we understand and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of available methodologies. We define and evolve from standard processes along with the customer to suit the project needs.

Software Dev Approach